Àbélà’s African Essence

Though inspired for international influence, the heritage and
beauty of  ÀbélàTM by Scents of Africa® is embedded in
10 symbols of African heritage

Our Symbol -The Comb- Scent of Africa


A representation of Beauty and Feminity, the 3- pronged comb is synonymous with the Yoruba culture; a necessity for women of beauty in western Nigerian. Made of natural wood, the use of this comb dates back to ancient history and its use in other variations is not uncommon in other African ethnicities.

The importance of this comb cannot be underestimated as it is the epitome in the creation of beautiful and dazzling African hairstyles on the female “ori”; her crown of feminine beauty. Just as this comb is a sure piece to create beauty on the female crown, so does Àbélà by Scents of Africa inspire beauty for living spaces

Dating back to the early years in Africa, people lived in mud huts with thatched roofs. These mud huts can still be found in some hinterlands across polar parts of Africa. Back then, it took the strength of 4- 8 brawn men to dig up the mud for molding into beautiful edifices for the man of the house and his household. The beautiful edifices housed a man’s abundance and wealth.  Synonymous with the mud hut’s ancient regality, Àbélà by Scents of Africa connotes regal beauty and wherewithal.

Our Symbol -The Mud Hut- Scent of Africa


The key has been widely used as a symbol for many centuries among many cultures as a representation for privileged access. In the ÀbélàTM brand symbol, the key is a symbol of open doors, the access to the power for creativity and a vista of opportunities.


In similitude with the Sun and its ability to put on a show of radiance, so is the ÀbélàTM   brand unearths the radiance inherent in homes.



The Water River represents the flow of life. Rivers flow in a distinct pattern, filling the soil around it with moisture to give life to those who depend upon it. The redeeming presence of the flowing water river purifies and incites hope. Synonymous with Water River, ÀbélàTM  inspires life and holistic living.


The Palm symbolizes sustainability and fruitfulness. Being a fruit-bearing tree, the palm sustains life for a very long time. The ÀbélàTM  brand symbolizes the innate potential of every human to be fruitful and bear fruits that sustain the life of others.



The feather being a symbol of nobility is deserving of people of sage with profound wisdom. It is an honour and ascribing of nobility to impart the ÀbélàTM  brand in the lives of people


The flame is a representation of our passion, compulsion, zeal, creativity and motivation to be the best of who we are. It is a constant reminder to each one of us that we should never let the flame go out on our passion to impact the lives of people in our sphere of influence. We are ÀbélàTM , a candle ignited to make a difference in our world with the zeal never to burn out.


The flower’s heart is meaningful in every respect. To many it is the epitome of beauty personified in itself. Flowers are a symbol and a token of love, friendship and affection. The flower’s heart evokes feelings that are unexpressed by words. They simply express the true essence of love in the heart of the giver.  There are many things ÀbélàTM  would love to express in words, but often times we know it is best expressed through our true essence.


A footprint in the concrete of time leaves an imprint. Indelible in its nature, we remember the footprints of the great people before us. The Indelible Footprint reminds us of the need to build our legacy for generations unborn. Embracing beautiful memories ÀbélàTM   incites us all to leave a lasting legacy in the heart of the world.

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