What Will I Learn?

Participants will learn

  • the safety requirements in candle making.
  • about different types of waxes and how to work with them in candle making.
  • the health and safety properties of the different waxes
  • about candle fragrancing methods, how to fragrance candles safety and store aromatic oils.
  • about different types of wicks, choosing the right wicks for your candle making project and wicking methods
  • about different types of candles i.e. container candles, pillar candles, gel candles, votive candles, taper candles. floating candles, tealight candles, wax tarts etc.
  • how to create container candles, votive candles, floating candles, tealight candles and wax tarts.

Participants have a 1-month free access to a private question and feedback session with the facilitator.

  • Participants should be proficient in the use of English language as classes are taught in English.
  • Students would require writing materials i.e. pen and notepad. A computer device is an optional requirement.
  • Students do not require any previous knowledge in candle making as this class is for beginners.
  • Participants would require a Candle Making Learner’s Kit for the practical training session. Candle Making Learner’s Kit can be purchased at Abela Fragrance Academy for N12,000. (the learner’s kit contains 250g Soy Wax, 250g Beeswax, 30ml Candle Fragrance, Wick Sampler for each Candle Making Project, 2 Container Tins, Food Thermometer, Candle Labels, Stirring Ladle.
CEO Abela World

Deola Paul-Inyang

Class Facilitator - Candle Making Workshop

About Deola Paul-Inyang 

Deola Paul-Inyang is the Brand Creator of Àbélà by Scents of Africa®; a Luxury Home Fragrance & Aromatherapy brand from out of Africa.

Deola is a seasoned brand, marketing strategist & research analyst turned Chandler & Aromatherapist. With over 12 years professional expertise in brand strategy development, integrated marketing communication, business strategy implementation and her venture into aromatherapy, she translated this skill into the creation of the Àbélà by Scents of Africa® brand; gearing the brand to be one of the foremost emerging Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy brands out of Nigeria.

Deola is a lover of luxuriously smelling living spaces. Her whiff of life is reminiscent of happy moments and a strong inspiration for creativity.  The thought to start producing something of pride for the Nigerian kept nudging her heart in the wake of her country’s drive to encourage subsistence industries. She reckoned that the way to impact the national goal is to build and encourage the growth of cottage business in Nigeria. On this, she sought ideas for cottage business venture from every corner; her close friends and family inclusive. Like most things in life, the creation and sustenance of an idea are most rooted in innate passion, so the task was still up to her to think creatively. This passion gave birth to Scents of Africa®. In her philosophy, nothing beats creating a venture out of your most desired passion.

Deola is keen on establishing the impact of scents on the psychological wellbeing of Nigerians through her thought leadership and skill empowerment drive, particularly for Nigerian youths and women.

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