Iná Ìfé Home Perfume Perfume Room Spray

Iná Ìfé Home Perfume Perfume Room Spray

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The flame of passion is a representation of Africa’s passion, compulsion, social responsibility, zeal, creativity and motivation to be the best of ourselves.

It is a constant reminder that the flame over our zeal for greatness should never burn out but burn bright to keep our legacy resounding within our sphere of influence.

Imposing its sensuality upon our innermost desires, the conceptual scent “Iná Ìfé” incites our passion & innate gifts with a flaring sense of urgency to keep the flame burning, fighting against the odds that hold us bound. It implores us to leave a creative legacy in the most meaningful way.

The fierce scent of Iná Ìfé (meaning the Flame of Passion) is passionately floral by heart; intimately embraced by notes of citrus, amber, musk & woods.

Net Weight: 100ml / 3.3 fl. oz