Ayaaba (Queen Monarch) Artistic Perfume Diffuser 950ml

Ayaaba (Queen Monarch) Artistic Perfume Diffuser 950ml

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Ayaaba (Queen Monarch) is the gender variation to the olfactory story of African “kingships” and kingdoms as told through “Oloye- The African Emperor”.

Ayaaba means the “Queen Monarch” or “the King’s Wife” in the western Nigerian Yoruba language.  This olfactory piece gives honor to the Queen monarch as she embraces her role at the side of the reigning King. The conceptual scent story “Ayaaba” lends credence to the Queen’s aura as one who gives influence & life to the King’s crown. It presents her as one who adds stars emboldened with jewels to the shimmer of the “African Emperor’s” throne.

Through her influence and wisdom, the kingdom is established in dignity.
Through her essence, her people find their path.
Through her light, the king’s throne finds its energy to blaze the trail upon which the people tread.
By her light, the kingdom is redeemed for greatness under the influence of the King’s scepter.
The conceptual scent of Ayaaba is a symphony of woods and spicy scent notes with an airy aura that is reminiscent of the queen’s essence.
Cedarwood, Pepper Spice, Geranium, Jasmine, Patchouli, Leather, Firewood, Oakmoss & Sandalwood
Deola “ABELA” Paul-Inyang

Net Weight: 950ml / 32.1 fl oz
Approximate Diffusion Time: 10 months