Bàlágà (Blossom in Maturity) Eau de Parfum 100ml

Bàlágà (Blossom in Maturity) Eau de Parfum 100ml

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“Bàlágà” (blossom in maturity) is a coming-of-age story. It embodies the warp in time when we embrace our intent for life & the epiphany of our redemption to live the life we were born to live. It is based on this premise that our essence blooms in radiance for the world to see.
Invariably, “Bàlágà” is inspired by the traditional marriage rites of the rich Western-Nigerian heritage. It is a conceptual fragrance piece that emboldens the emblem of gender blossom and maturity. The Yoruba culture of western Nigeria is full of folklore, color, and pageantry. The traditional courtship, engagement, and marriage ceremony are no exception to the rule. In conformity with tradition, anticipations are elevated for both genders who have attained sexual maturity to settle into marriage. Upon maturity, the male gender is expected to have his eyes gazed wide in pursuit of a blooming female who is playfully referenced as a blossoming flower. Once he beholds her beauty, he proceeds to seek the permission of both his family and the family of his damsel. Following this, an introduction to families is in order. This rite is observed in what is called “mo mi mo e” – literally interpreted as “know me, know you”.
“Bàlágà” is an olfactive interpretation of the essence and pageantry of this maturity story. In its olfactory presentation, it embraces the scent of mature flowers in an earthy musky garden. “Bàlágà” parades the essence of rustic ethnic living of the Yoruba people as remembered from the time of old.
Aromatic ingredients of African origin come to play alongside in this conceptual eau de parfum; Somaliland’s Black African Mastic, Olibanum, Myrrh, Nigerian Red Camwood, Geranium & Patchouli from Rwanda.
Floral – Woody

Top: mandarin, bergamot, spice
Heart:  orange blossoms, carnations, rose, geranium
Base: balsam, patchouli, vanilla, agarwood, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, African camwood

Deola “ABELA” Paul-Inyang


Net Weight: 100ml / 3.3 fl. oz