Ilé Amò Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

Ilé Amò Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

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Dating back to the early years in Africa, people lived in mud huts with thatched roofs. These mud huts can still be found in some hinterlands across polar parts of Africa.

In older times, it took the strength of four to eight brawn men to dig up the mud for molding into beautiful edifices for the man of the house and his household. These small but beautiful edifices housed a man’s abundance and wealth.

The symbolic essence of “Ilé Amò” (meaning The African Mud Hut) is an edifice comparable to nothing in modernity; bearing the sweat of brawn men. Built not only for housing but also a symbol of abundance and primal wealth. Made from the abundant yield of earthen clay, the “Ilé Amò” houses the bustling laughter of warm hearts and the soul of knit communities.

Reminiscent of the cooling essence of earth’s dew, the conceptual scent “Ilé Amò” combines the grounding scent of violet leaf laced with overtones of sweet osmanthus & woody musky undertones.

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