Ìlàrí Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

Ìlàrí Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

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Ìlàrí (meaning 3-pronged African Wood Comb) is an African relic. The beauty of the 3- pronged African Wood Comb emphasizes the regality of our African essence & creativity. The “Ìlàrí” for centuries long has been an essential tool in the creation of regal hairstyles that adorn the “Ori” (head) of kings & queens alike.

A representation of Beauty and Feminity, the 3-pronged comb is synonymous with
the Yoruba culture; a necessity for women of beauty in Nigeria.

Made of natural wood, the use of this comb dates back to ancient history and its use in other variations is not uncommon in other African ethnicities.

The importance of this comb cannot be underestimated as it is the epitome in the
creation of beautiful and dazzling African hairstyles on the female “ori”; her crown of feminine beauty.

The conceptual scent – “Ìlàrí” is a semblance of the woody core of the material it’s inspired by. Laced with a spicy & invigorating air Ìlàrí is reminiscent of the homely ladies who effortlessly wielded this ethnic tool of adornment.

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