Igi Òpe Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

Igi Òpe Home Perfume Diffuser 250ml

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Under the radiating fronds of the “Igi Òpe” (meaning the Palm Tree of Conviviality) burst forth the laughter of noble men playing the game of “ayò” (pronounced ay-oh). From its bosom comes the sweet-tasting “Palmie” (African wine) offered in conviviality as an endearment to warm hearts.

The Palm tree invariably symbolizes sustainability and fruitfulness. Being a fruit-bearing tree, the palm sustains life. “Igi Òpe” imparts her fruitful & charming essence upon the lands from which she hails.

This conceptual scent incites the innate potential of every human to be fruitful and bear fruits that sustain the life of others.

The uplifting scent of the Igi Òpe is a rich blend of cool green floral heart notes laced with citrus top notes and woody undertones.

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