Electric Scent Diffuser

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Our programmable electric scent machine covers a space of approximately 100m2; subtly releasing its soothing aroma into the air.
The choice is now yours. The time of the day, the days of the week and density of fragrance released in the air is a choice left to you. You can programme the start and stop time.
For use in Homes, Offices & Stores.

Consider these Creative Suggestions: Use with any of the following Abela Home Fragrance Products

a. Mosquito & Fly Repellant Fragrance Diffuser
b. Smoke & Odour Remover Fragrance Diffuser ( Pre-Order)
c. Leather Fragrance Diffuser (Pre-Order)
d. All other Àbélà Fragrance Diffuser Blends

Optimal Diffusion Rate: 3ml/hour


  1. Not to be used with water or water- based fragrances.
  2. Use with only compatible fragrance oils e.g. Abela by Scents of Africa Fragrance Diffusers

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Out of stock