The Àbélà Story

Àbélà by Scents of Africa is an ethnic-contemporary fragrance and & lifestyle brand with a spirit fixated on positively transforming human mind, mood & emotions in everyday routine through the essence of nature & aromatics.

Àbélà by Scents of Africa embodies the uniqueness of aromatherapy & artistic perfumery in its collections; espousing its African essence & artistry.

There is a story behind every creation; a resulting product of refined thinking. Àbélà may sound generic, however, for the people of Western Nigerian Origin, it means “Candle”.

Founded in 2015, Àbélà was born in the home of its founder, Deola Paul-Inyang; who inspired by the euphoria of exotic scents, desired to create a sensational, deep & emotive experience with scents.

The idea for Àbélà was created from this passion and a throwback memory of happy moments in the brand creator’s childhood; where on New Year’s eve, her grandmother would light up white taper candles all over the house to usher in a glorious New Year.

Indicative of a light-filled season, her grandmother would say “e lo tan Àbélà” – which  interpreted in Yoruba means “Go, light up the candles”

Every Àbélà product is specially curated by the brand creator; essentially giving the brand its unique euphoric and therapeutic effect. Every product is infused with pure natural extracts from environmentally sustainable sources.


The Creative Journey

Deola particularly loves the ambiance of luxuriously smelling living spaces. Her pure love for scents would drive her to purchase jars of scented candles from across the globe.

In spirit with the passion, she mused over producing scented pieces that communicated in deeper terms her ideology of life. In the wake of her home country’s drive to economic sustainability, she nudged her heart to take the leap towards creating Àbéla by Scents of Africa®

In this wake, she ventured heads-in on the back of a strong support circle; building the Àbéla by Scents of Africa® brand with tenacity and resilience in a seeming time of austerity which her country was straining through. In her words, the life of an iconic brand is founded on the spirit of its foundation, hussle and its circle of support.  Deola is blessed beyond measure through the social support received from her family, friends & fans.

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