The Àbélà Story 

There is a story behind every creation in the Scents of Africa House. Every piece of the brand fabric is a product of refined thought. ÀbélàTM may sound generic and ethnically versatile, but for the people of Western Nigerian Origin, it means “Candle”.

Founded in December 2015, ÀbélàTM by Scents of Africa was born in the home of brand creator Deola Paul-Inyang. Inspired by exotic scents, Adeola desired to create a sensational experience that inspires creativity. Love and Happiness.

The idea for ÀbélàTM was created from this passion and a throwback memory of happy moments in the brand creator’s childhood where her grandmother would light up candles all over the house to usher in a new year indicative of lighting our lives for a glorious new year, her grandmother would say “e lo tan Àbélà” – which is interpreted from the Yoruba language as “Go and light up the candles”

Every ÀbélàTM product is specially handcrafted by the brand creator; essentially giving Àbélà by Scents of AfricaTM its unique euphoric and therapeutic effect. Every product is infused with essential oils and made from only organic and botanical oils.

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