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Àbélà® is an afro-centric perfumery with a niche approach to perfume artistry.

We tell stories through scent art; capturing the true narrative about Africa and inspiring creative expression channels for the collective growth of Africa and its people. Àbélà® represents and symbolizes the African dream, heritage, and creative essence. It symbolizes our Afro-centric taste, cultural privilege, and creative success.

Our approach to creativity is deeply artistic and intuitive. We believe in the philosophy of living life purposefully and living it artistically.


Our olfactory expressions are a piece of art and design. Our philosophy reckons with the vision to promote original olfactory forms hence we pledge to a perfumery code of ethics that strives to instill consumer trust in the art of perfumery.

Àbélà® embodies the art of storytelling in its conceptual scent art collections. As a brand, we embrace the diversity of artistic perfumery and the uniqueness of aromatics in espousing our African essence & artistry. We approach every creation through the art of story-telling; telling stories of nature, African culture, human experiences and the emotions that these experiences conjure in everyday living.


the abela story 

Àbélà® was born in the home of its founder, Deola “Abela” Paul-Inyang; who inspired by the euphoria of exotic scents, desired to create a sensational, deep & emotive experience with scents.

Àbélà® may sound generic, however, for the people of western Nigerian origin, it means “candle”. The Àbélà® name was inspired by the childhood memories of its founder where her grandmother would light up white taper candles on New Year’s eve to usher in a New Year. Indicative of a light-filled season, her grandmother would say e lo tan Àbélà – which in Yoruba means “Go, light up the candles”Though unscented, the candle-lighting experience was profound; birthing the philosophy of the Àbélà® brand.






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