The Àbélà Story

Àbélà by Scents of Africa® is a niche, afro-centric artistic perfume creation & lifestyle brand intent on positively impacting on mind, mood & emotions in everyday routine through the power of olfaction and the essence of aromatics.

Àbélà by Scents of Africa® embodies the art of story telling in it’s conceptual scent art collections. As a brand, we embrace the diversity of artistic perfumery and the uniqueness of aromatherapy in espousing our African essence & artistry.

We approach every creation through the art of story-telling; telling stories of nature, African culture, human experiences and the emotions that these experiences conjure in everyday living.

Àbélà by Scents of Africa® was born in the home of its founder, Deola “Abela” Paul-Inyang; who inspired by the euphoria of exotic scents, desired to create a sensational, deep & emotive experience with scents.

Àbélà may sound generic, however, for the people of Western Nigerian Origin, it means “Candle”. The name Àbélà® was inspired by the childhood memories of its founder where her grandmother on New Year’s eve would light up white taper candles to usher in the New Year. Indicative of a light-filled season, her grandmother would say “e lo tan Àbélà” – which  interpreted in Yoruba means “Go, light up the candles”. Though unscented, the candle lighting experience was so profound; birthing the Àbélà® brand.

Every Àbélà product is specially designed by the brand creator; essentially giving the brand its unique and euphoric effect. We are keen about environmental sustainability, hence we are critical about the origin and source of our raw material. 

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