There is a story behind every creation in the Scents of Africa® House. Every piece of brand fabric is a product of refined thought.

Founded by Deola Paul-Inyang in 2015, Àbélà by Scents of Africa® was inspired by chance, passion and tenacity. Deola’s love for the olfactory led her to a destination of creativity in the art of scents. In her world, scent is life; an emotional experience communicating life’s essence in the absence of words. It’s simply a craft born out of pure passion.

Like a music composer stringing the chords to a majestic symphony, Deola not only  understands the technicalities of scent creation but the art of composing them.

At Scents of Africa, we interpret our world through scents, telling human & nature stories from the African perspective. We are fixated on expressing emotions hidden behind art & human stories.


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